Thursday, 26 February 2015

Chamber symphonies and symphonic metamorphoses

In addition to the symphonies, Holmboe wrote a number of other works with titles indicating they are symphonic in nature.

These include three chamber symphonies:
  • Chamber Symphony No.1, op.53 (M.171)
  • Chamber Symphony No.2 'Elegy', op.100 (M.240)
  • Chamber Symphony No.3 'Frise' ('Frieze' in English), op.103a (M.246)
There is only a single recording of these works (although there are also recordings of op.103b, a version of op.103a arranged for unaccompanied choir). They are performed by John StorgÄrds and the Lapland Chamber Orchestra, recorded in 2011 and released on Da Capo CD 6.220621. As a modern recording, it is widely available including for download or streaming.

Another group of works are the four symphonic metamorphoses, which have individual titles:
  • Epitaph, op.68 (M.189)
  • Monolith, op.76 (M.207)
  • Epilog (Epilogue in English), op.80 (M.213)
  • Tempo variabile (an Italian title meaning both "variable tempo" and "changeable weather"), op.108 (M.254)
Again, there is only a single recording of this group of works, this time performed by Owain Arwel Hughes and the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra. The recordings were made in 1996-7 and released on BIS CD 852. This is also widely available.

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