Sunday, 13 November 2016

Trombone Sonata, twice over

My original cataloguing becomes increasingly inaccurate. Having said there was just one recording of the Trombone Sonata, op.172a, I found out about two more in a single night.

Carsten Svanberg and Bernadette Binder perform the sonata on an album of Classical Sonatas for Trombone and Piano published back in 1998 (Amos CD 5872). Other composers represented on the album are Hindemith, Frank Martin, Bentzon, Schmidt, Larsen and Sulek. These days, it appears the album is most readily accessed from the record company's own website (

The other performance is by Roger Verdi and Martha Locker, on album called Almost Home - Works for Trombone (Greenmill Records). Other composers are Guilmant, Barat, Bassett, de Frumiere and Sulek. Known sources for the album are Amazon and CDBaby.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Another rediscovery

When I first wrote about the album Chamber Works for Flute (Rondo Grammofon RCD 8362) in this entry, I reported that I could find no evidence of it in any form other than CD.

Well, as of May this year it was added to some streaming services and digital stores. It does not appear to be on iTunes, but so far I have found it on Amazon US and UK, Deezer, Napster and Klicktrack.

The CD is still available, but somewhat scarce, so this development increases the accessibility of the music on the album. In particular, it has the only recording of the Sonatina Capricciosa for flute and piano, op.27b. Which I've just listened to the first time!

It is great to see many of these older recordings being given new life. While personally I still prefer physical media, this kind of access is far better than having nothing available.